Employees with mental illness still battle stigma in the workplace

BusinessLive reports that only one in six employees with mental illness say they feel comfortable disclosing their condition to their manager, according to an online survey conducted by the South African Depression and Anxiety Group (Sadag). The results highlighted the extent of workplace stigma about mental illness, said the advocacy group, which released the results of its survey to mark world mental health day tomorrow (October 10).

The survey included 499 participants, of whom four fifths (79%) were women. Just under a third of the respondents (29%) said they had not told anyone about their mental health issue. A little over half (56%) of the respondents said they had taken time off work during the previous year due to their mental illness. “Depression affects cognitive functioning such as decision making, concentration, memory and problem-solving abilities. Depression negatively impacts productivity. If an employee has depression but is at work, they are five times less productive than an employee who was absent due to depression,” said psychiatrist and clinical psychologist, Frans Korb.

by Tamar Kahn