SACTWU submits 2019 wage demands

The COSATU-affiliated Southern African Clothing & textile Workers’ Union (SACTWU) has submitted its 2019 wage demands to employers, for those sectors for which the union is negotiating this year. This follows on the union’s 2019 National Wage Mandating Meeting held on 7-9 March 2019, in Durban, which was attended by 160 shop stewards from all parts of the country, and where the national wage demands for this year were consolidated.

The demands were submitted to the employer counterparts between Thursday last week, and yesterday 18 March this year. The sectors for which SACTWU is negotiating this year includes the following: Footwear, Tanning, General Goods and Handbags (GGH), Sheltered Employment Enterprises (SEE) and Distribution Retail. Most of the wage increases for these sectors are due between April and July this year. The demands include an average of 15% wage increase, improvements in employer retirement fund contributions, a 40-hour work week without loss of pay, local procurement promotion, and stronger organisational rights such as improved paid time-off for shop steward trade union duties, and the permanent employment of all contract workers. Negotiations are expected to commence with effect from the end of March 2019.