City of Tshwane suspends bus services for safety reasons

EWN reports that bus services in Tshwane have been suspended for safety reasons. Officials in the municipality said that they took the decision after Tuesday’s chaos in the capital after a driver was shot dead. Before that, there was an altercation between taxi operators and a group of people who were being accused of dealing in drugs. Bus drivers were dragged into the conflict after they were accused of being involved in the shooting.

Tshwane Transport MMC Sheila Lynn Senkubuge: “In the interests of the safety of our commuters, because that’s our priority, and protecting our drivers, we have pulled back all bus services for today because we don’t want to have our buses involved in the situation gain today. Law enforcement is on the scene and the city is trying to intervene across the board. I know that taxis will be operating. Initially, they’re expected to start the protest at about 9am.”

by Mia Lindeque