National Shut Down On 27 September 2019

Recent communication issued by the employers and their organisation, BUSA, indicating not only that they believe the action is unlawful and not protected, but also calling for the section 77 notice issued by Sasbo/COSATU to be withdrawn, refers. Please be advised that we have responded clearly and unequivocally indicating that our planned action of 27 September 2019 “will continue as scheduled”. You will recall that our Federation, COSATU, have issued notice as per section 77 of the Labour Relations Act (LRA) to Nedlac (National Economic Development and Labour Council) that the Federation, including its affiliates, will be embarking on legally protected protest action.

Resulting from this notice, legally protected protest actions were held across the country on various dates. To the best of our knowledge, not one single worker that participated in this action was disciplined or dismissed for embarking on a legal or protected action- this is because the protest action is legally protected. Sasbo, lead by our Federation Cosatu, is calling for a TOTAL SHUT DOWN of the economy on Friday, 27 September 2019. We reiterate that Sasbo is principally and fundamentally opposed to job losses / retrenchments. As a member of Sasbo, and through Sasbo’s affiliation, a member of Cosatu, your participation in this protest action is legally protected. This means that you cannot be disciplined for participating in this legally protected protest action.


Metrobus halts all bus services

SABC News reports that Johannesburg’s Metrobus management has decided to stop all bus services as the strike enters the second day. Metrobus says this is due to acts of intimidation. On Monday a Metrobus was reportedly hijacked but later found parked at the Ghandi Square bus terminal in central Johannesburg. The strike is led by municipal […]