Umalusi approves the release of the 2021 matric exam results

Umalusi has approved the release of the matric exam results but it has barred the Basic Education Department from releasing the results of individuals implicated in group copying and those who had early access to the question papers pending an investigation. The regulator said that it had picked up on a new trend where some pupils were given exam papers earlier than 8:30am as per the rules. Umalusi said that it was worrying that those entrusted with the responsibility of managing exams were involved in compromising the integrity of the process.

The department has been ordered to investigate these irregularities before those implicated are allowed to see their final marks. The teachers implicated will also have to be dealt with. Umalusi chairperson John Volmink: “The executive committee of council approves the release of the DBE November 2021 NSC examination results based on the available evidence that the examinations were administered largely in accordance with examination policies and regulations.” Volmink said that those implicated in group copying must be investigated. “But in respect of identifying irregularities, that I mentioned and Dr Rakometsi, the DBE is required to block the results of candidates implicated in irregularities, including the candidates involved in group copying, pending the outcome of further DBE investigation,” Volmink said.


CCMA offices reopen for walk-ins

News24 reports that the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) reopened its offices for walk-ins on Sunday. This came nearly two years after the dispute resolution body issued a directive to suspend walk-ins at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. “The decision to temporarily suspend user walk-ins, particularly for case referral and advisory, was […]